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Steps To install Classic Blogger Template in New Blogger

If you want to install Classic Blogger Template in new blogger you must be having some html code for installing it if you don't have any code for it, you can check out our classic templates section.
If you want to install new XML Blogger Template Click Here

Follow these simple steps for installing the classic template in new blogger if you have any problem please post a comment here, hopefully i will be able to help you out!

Step 1. Login to your Account and click on layout link for your blog.

Step 2. Back Up your old Template
It is always wise to make back up of your already installed template, this is not an option but a mandatory thing so lets do it first.

To do this go to edit html option in New blogger and select save target as on Download Button, now save this file on your hard drive.

Step 3. Scroll Down and Click on Revert to Classic Template

A Pop up like this will appear, click on ok

Step 4. Now Select The Code which is appearing by Select All and Delete it.

Step 5. Now Paste the Code of the classic template which you want to install.

Step 6. Click on Save Template Changes and you are Done. Thats it.
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