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Blogging is like Planting a Tree

Well just starting this blog and got this wonderful idea to write about, if we really think about it blogging is really like planting a seed for a big tree. Expecting that the tree will grow very fast and will start to give fruits is idiotness, tree will grow at its speed.
First it would be a small plant only which with full nourishment given to it in form of soil, water, and proper care it would grow naturally and in year or two it will become big but not upto its full potential if proper nourishment continued it would become bigger and bigger and also start giving you fruits.

Similarly when a blog is started it will take its own time to grow and create readership only if you provide it necessary elements that are needed for any successful blog and continue feeding it with unique content you are surely to get your expected fruits in terms of large readership and good income.

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